Ride to Work Party EDC

Lu Zhu is a third-line city of ordinary office workers. Ride to work the party's EDC small city is good, do not squeeze the bus crowded subway, riding a bike will be able to work. I do not like to take too many things, including the province. Phone wristwatch wallet remote control is basically carry, the key and the saber is too heavy cycling party EDC is generally placed in a small bag of bicycles. Because the bike I usually carry to the office, so do not worry about being stolen. Cycling Mobile phone was sent to the girlfriend (now a wife, pregnant March riding the party to work EDC) I am a faith Dafa powder, a child to buy the cassette machine, MD, CD machine, MP3, handheld devices are almost all Dafa products. Mobile phone choice Z1 is swiss replica watches a fancy he saw the purple shell (in fact, was reluctant to spend money to buy 5S ....), was more than 2000 price or very conscience, used today, nothing wrong with the next phone may still Will choose Dafa it. Ride to Work Party EDC M505 the MP3, and mobile phones to buy. . . Just listed on a friend asked to buy back from Japan, spent a thousand to block like. . . Now Taobao as long as more than six hundred, early to buy early to enjoy it. This little thing sound quality fairly good, very convenient, the most important thing is. . . . Good-looking ride to work party EDC with Bluetooth, and car systems can be a perfect match, in short, bought no regrets. Purple 688 is also OK now ~ The plug has been with me more than six years, LOGO has worn away, the situation is still very perfect. Luzhu is a jazz control female voice, six years ago to Shanghai Anrun when listening to a lot of earplugs, and finally on the wound of this. IF very very toxic, and then no desire. . . Fever (in fact, is replica rolex watches to find playing headphones really can not afford to ... ... ... ...) The most valuable thing from top to bottom, the marriage honeymoon purchased in Japan, when the exchange rate of 19.4 a little more, or very cost-effective. Lu Zhu cook the whole body up and down UNIQLO, very Cock silk, his wife said every time I adults ruined the table. Ride to Work Party EDC Third-tier cities do not uk replica watches , walking in the street no one recognized, or very low-key. When I went to Chengdu to play in the IFS looked Yu-ship and AP cycling party's EDC, found that fat or wearing a big watch diameter look good. EDC to work the party did not say, next year, if his wife had a son to break the idea, a good deposit to his son to buy a marriage room, if it is a daughter riding the party to work EDC, first put a firecracker to celebrate. (ROLEX) watch nigger submarine series automatic mechanical male watch black water ghost 116610LN-97200 black plate Rolex (ROLEX) watch nigger submarine series automatic mechanical male watch black water ghost 116610LN-97200 ... 【Rolex Submariner Series Mechanical male form】 Jingdong JD.COM provide Rolex Submariner series mechanical male table authentic licensed, the lowest price, and includes ROLEX submarine series mechanical male watch online shopping guide, and Rolex submarine series mechanical male ... Black East Link ~ The greatest use of the knife is to cut the peel. . . . Key ring is seven years ago in the HK Disney to buy, was a pair, thinking soon have the opportunity to give another girlfriend of the future. Who knows when to send out, is already six years later. . . . . . Cycling to work the party's EDC long ugly man is no youth Wallet is the brother brought me from the United States, whatever the outcome is a sign, with more than two years is also very good, more than the card slot, the size is just right. Ride to work party EDC is nothing inside the money to ride the party to work EDC Finally, the sun drying my car ride to work the party's EDC commute ride, about ten kilometers a day in the middle of Cui Ke and Giant hesitated for a long time, or on the Trek. Although the allocation of a feces, but the daily commuting seems to have no access to any higher configuration, and a hydraulic disc brake and fork lock is enough. . . Matte red or very good to see the work of the party's EDC